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Lake Pelican Group Completes Culvert Revision and Roadraise - Project #7.

Pelican Group Continues Water Quality Project. Project #2.

First Small Dam Complete

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Projected Runoff Changes

The below Indian River Basin Flows graph shows the projected runoff changes that may happen when small dams are used inside the Indian River Sub-Basin. The quantity of water measured in cubic feet per second (cfs) is on the left side and time measured by days is along the bottom axis. The "general" topography east of the Sioux River and north of Watertown has a greater slope than the west side. This allows the runoff to enter into the Sioux River system at a quicker rate compared to other areas. The introduction of multiple small dams in the Indian River Sub-Basin could change the flow rate from something near 1700 cfs to a lesser amount around 200 cfs.

Click image for full view.