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Lake Pelican Group Completes Culvert Revision and Roadraise - Project #7.

Pelican Group Continues Water Quality Project. Project #2.

First Small Dam Complete

Water Pollution

Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

Small Dams Protect Our Farmland Resources

Environmentally Friendly

Barr Engineering Company


Small Dams Protect Our Farmland Resources

When the small dams are implemented, there will be No family farms or agriculture producers displaced. This cannot be said for the large dam design. Small dams have been proven to actually enhance the watershed for fanning and ranching.

South Dakota's number one business is agriculture. It continues to rank higher than tourism or manufacturing. Although many companies have recently been forced into large corporate layoffs, the agricultural division, including new value-added products, has been expanding. On August 7, 2001, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for yet another Ethanol Production Plant in the State of South Dakota. This plant, located in Watertown, has the potential to create 33 new jobs and to bring in a million- dollar annual payroll to the Codington County community.

Dr. Opiem, from South Dakota State University, summarized it best when he said, "All wealth comes from natural resources. Fishing, timber, mining and farming all yield a wealth of products. After this point, everyone is a middle man or a paper pusher."

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